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State Public Health Officer Order – Health Care Worker Vaccine Requirement 2.22.22

CMS COVID 19 Healthcare Vaccination

OSHA FAQ 1.14.22

CDPH AFL 21-29.1 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Testing, Vaccination Verification and Personal Protective Equipment for Health Care Personnel (HCP) at Health Care Facilities
(This AFL supersedes AFL 21-29)

Public Health Order 12.22.21

CDPH AFL 21-19 - Response to Public Health Order 7.26.21

Public Health Order 7.26.21

Update Public Health Order 6.15.21

CDPH Guidance for Face Coverings 6.15.21

Draft Cal/OSHA Emergency Standards 6.9.21

COVID-19 Surveyor Guidance

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Surveyor Tool  

State Public Health Order January 5, 2021

COVID-19: Guidance for Triage of Non-Emergent Surgical Procedures

COVID-19 Vaccine - Healthcare Provider Hub

CAL/OSHA Temporary Emergency Standard 12.1.2020

COVID-19 Prevention Plan CASA Template

State Dashboard – Daily COVID-19 data
County Map – Local data, including tier status and ICU capacity
Data and Tools – Models and dashboards for researchers, scientists and the public
Blueprint for a Safer Economy – Data for establishing tier status

CSA - CASA Joint Ltr Vaccination Prioritization

CASA Elective Procedure Continuation Letter With Suggested Waivers 12.7.2020

Resuming Elective Surgery

N95 Protocols &Reprocessing N95 Masks

       Reprocessing Information

HR Resources

Payor Resources

CASA ASC Surge Response

         Waivers and "Hospital Without Walls" program


ASC Covid-19 Action Plan

All ASCs should adopt the following:

  1. It is imperative that all ASCs are coordinating with their local department of public health.  This will assure you receive the latest information and recommendations in your area. 

  2. Implement CDC guidance and stay up to date by visiting these critical websites.
  3. Implement rigorous screening for patients and visitors prior to entering the facility.
  4. Maintain a safe environment for patients, employees and visitors, including adherence to social distancing recommendations.

  5. Implement enhanced cleaning as directed by CDC guidelines.
  6. As hospitals are implementing their disaster operations, ASCs should be responding likewise and coordinating their plan in conjunction with their local emergency medical response. If you need guidance with policies and a comprehensive emergency plan see the resources listed below.
  7. As you implement your emergency plan, your governing body should work together to address a policy on prioritizing elective vs urgent elective surgical procedures.

Economic Issues

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