2022 Salary Survey

The 2022 Salary Survey is open for data entry. This one-of-a-kind salary report breaks down the results into California regions and takes into account ASC volume. The survey covers a multitude of ASC positions, and we’ve made every effort to streamline the survey without losing pertinent information.

To have the most robust and accurate data, we encourage all of our member facilities to participate. This survey will be free to all CASA members that take part in the survey. All others (non-participant members and non-members) will be charged a fee of $500 for the results. Our beta testers stated they could complete the survey in approximately 15 minutes

CASA 2022 Salary Survey Input Form


The CASA 2021 Salary Survey report is complete and continues to be available while we tabulate the 2022 data. The survey had excellent participation, exceeding last year’s input.  This detailed, aggregated information is divided into reports by California region, specialty and volume, covering a multitude of ASC positions. 

The survey is free to members who participated in the survey.

If you missed out on participating this year, you can purchase your copy at the following link. 

CASA 2021 Salary Survey

If you have any questions regarding the Salary Survey, please contact Beth LaBouyer at info@casurgery.org.