May 12, 2023

CASA Benchmarking is OPEN for 1st Quarter 2023

The deadline to submit your information is MONDAY!

Now is a perfect opportunity to assure your center is participating in the CASA Benchmarking program.  The system is open for data entry for the 1st quarter of 2023.  Patients, payors, accrediting agencies, and regulators want to see ASC outcome data, and the CASA benchmarking program helps your ASC compare your statistics. 

Remember, the CASA Benchmarking is free to CASA members and is a tremendous benefit.  The more members that participate the stronger the data is.  If you are new to using the program or need a refresher, CASA has developed a tutorial webinar.  In addition, there are several tools to help you in gathering the data for each quarter.  You can access the webinar and tools at CASA Benchmarking Resources

The CASA Benchmarking program does ask for a separate login and password from the CASA Website.  If you need this information, please reach out to CASA Executive Director Beth LaBouyer at or 530.790.7990.

The CASA Benchmarking will close for data entry on May 15, 2023.  This is the same deadline date for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Reporting  for the following measures:

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