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CASA Annual Conference September 13-15, 2023, in Monterey, CA

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September and the CASA Annual Conference will be here before you know it. Make sure you have the dates marked on your calendar and register soon to receive additional discounts. We also encourage you to make your hotel reservation as soon as possible as Monterey is a tourist destination and space fills up quickly.

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CASA Pre-Conference In-depth Session

Driving Improvements - Developing an Effective Quality Program and Culture of Quality

As surgery centers embrace more complex procedures and address a pandemic and the subsequent changes, it is now more critical than ever to have a thriving culture of quality. A successful Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program values collaboration, transparency, and staff empowerment which leads to a culture that drives positive patient outcomes. This in-depth session will address the key components of a successful QAPI program. We will dive deeper into important metrics, surveillance strategies and staff engagement. Lastly, this session will build on information to creating reports and communications that are not only mandated but also create vital opportunities for improving patient safety, learning, and communication, and overall ASC success. Whether you are seasoned in oversight of QAPI or just beginning, this program will offer key takeaways essential for an effective QAPI program and developing a culture of quality.

The CASA pre-conference session takes place before the actual conference opens and requires additional registration. Check out the full conference program and hotel information on the CASA Conference Website.

The CASA Conference opens Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. and is packed with general sessions discussing critical issues such as leadership, culture and developing a purpose-driven ASC. These sessions will be thought-provoking, providing useful concepts and strategies for personal development as well as tactics for your ASC to thrive. The conference will continue with other key topics including Legislative, Regulatory and Accreditation Updates. In addition, there will be smaller breakout sessions diving deeper into the subjects of Finance, Human Resources, Clinical and Quality oversight. Check out the full program here.

Featured Speakers

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Creating a Purpose-Driven ASC

Eric Evans

Eric Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Surgery Partners

A purpose-driven culture is essential for employee engagement and happiness which leads to overall organizational success.  Employees want to work for businesses that bring meaning to their everyday lives.  As ASCs work to meet the demands of successful operations, sometimes that purpose becomes buried under the daily demands.  This session will focus on how ASCs are impacting healthcare for the positive in their communities and how to communicate this and invigorate your staff.  Eric Evans, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Surgery Partners, Inc. will utilize his vision as he leads us in this discussion.  Eric has over 15 years of experience in a range of operating and strategic roles in healthcare services.  He has a passion for outstanding patient outcomes and a strong employee culture. He will walk us through how the synergy of these two coming together can catapult an ASC to not only tremendous operational success but also recognition in their community as leaders working to address healthcare solutions.

IMPACT - 6 Ways to Live Your Best Life NOW!

Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, Motivational Speaker & Author

There is no time like NOW. In today’s day of people feeling more empty, tired, overwhelmed, or even burnt out, there’s never been a better time to gain more hope, health, happiness, optimism, vitality, and vibrance than right NOW.

In the constant perpetual pursuit of increased excellence and fulfillment in ALL areas of life, world-renown coach and one of the top mindset gurus on the planet, Todd Durkin is going to inspire us to refocus, recalibrate, and re-ignite your deepest passion & purpose, and get lit-up from the inside out.


Thursday, September 14, 2023

Cracking the P.O.W.E.R Code of Personal Responsibility: How Multidimensional Leaders & Their Teams Thrive In An Ever-Changing Landscape

Jen Coken

Jen Coken, International Executive Coach and Stand-Up Strategist

Utilizing her experience as a speaker, comedian, Imposter Syndrome expert, author, and international executive coach, Jen Coken is on a global mission to empower rebellious, purpose-driven CEOs.  We all know that change is inevitable. In the past, leaders have learned to adapt to change by learning new skills and implementing new leadership models. Today’s completely unpredictable and rapidly evolving world requires a new kind of leader — one who is multidimensional.

Multidimensional leaders can simultaneously navigate their bottom line, customer needs, and team dynamics. This requires demonstrating authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy while remaining curious about the future and what it will take to continue to succeed. Those who cannot bend will break eventually. This new kind of leadership requires new ways of thinking, being, and acting.


Friday, September 15, 2023

Navigating After the COVID Wave –
Lessons Learned and a Pathway Forward

Distinguished Panel:
Eric Boon, Moderator - Market President, United Surgical Partners International
Jaime Dickerson, MD - Medical Director, Sutter Health
Dayle Burton - VP of Operations, Surgery Partners
Kathryn Perlstrom - Director, Mission Surgery Center

Although the crashing wave of the pandemic has receded, it has dramatically altered the landscape of ASC operations. ASCs are now facing unique challenges regarding anesthesia coverage and staffing shortages. Practices and philosophies have changed regarding clinical considerations for patient safety and safety of the ASC team, all while performing more complex procedures and seeing higher acuity patients. The overall impact has created a financial strain on operations. This panel presentation will address these issues and discuss how centers are implementing strategies for success.

Building a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Culture in an ASC

Jack Ellis

Jack Ellis, Director & Chief of Staff, SCA Health

Ambulatory surgery centers represent an opportunity to effectuate change and drive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). A belonging expert and leader at SCA Health, Jack Ellis will share perspectives and insights to help ASC leaders advance the DEIB agenda internally and share ways to position ASCs as vital and meaningful parts of an equitable health care system.

Check out the full program including additional breakouts 

The CASA staff, Board and Conference Committee can’t wait to see you face to face again in Monterey CA at the Portola Hotel and Spa. For further information including registration and hotel reservations check out the CASA Conference website. 


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