Wednesday, September 4, 2024

2024 Speaker PanelASC Imagination-Creating the Optimum ASC Experience

Join us as we navigate the path to an optimal ASC environment of tomorrow. In this enlightening session, a panel of esteemed CA ASC experts will delve into the challenges and prospects that lie ahead. Explore the shifting landscape of ASCs and discover key avenues for expansion and sustainability. From embracing value-based care to forging strategic partnerships, we’ll discuss pivotal factors that drive success.
Make sure you are part of this session, as we harness the ASC experience to enhance outcomes for patients, partners, and staff alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to chart a course toward excellence in healthcare delivery.


24keynote1Leading a Culture of Service Excellence:  Lessons From the Mouse
Keynote - Dennis Snow, Customer Experience Expert, Speaker and Author

In today’s competitive market, developing a service-excellence strategy is an important part of any leader’s role. Beyond developing the strategy, however, there is the challenge of executing the plan. It is in the execution that service-excellence strategies become a reality or simply another “flavor-of-the-month” program. Employees watch to see how committed the organization truly is to customer service and take their cues directly from their leaders. To effectively implement an organization-wide service-excellence strategy, today’s leaders must rely on the skills of a facilitator and idea champion and must walk the talk of service excellence. Based on the leadership principles Dennis learned, lived, and taught during his 20 years with Walt Disney World, this presentation highlights specific leadership behaviors that bring a service strategy to life and describes how to “hardwire” service excellence into an organization’s culture. 


Thursday, September 5, 2024

keynote 2Leading Through Change & Challenge; Libby Gill, Executive Coaching, Leadership & Development Speaker and Author

Libby delivers an inspiring message about creating a future-focused vision despite ongoing change. She shares her process for transforming insight and influence into lasting impact. With powerful stories, relevant case studies, and evidence-based strategies, she helps your organization reframe change as opportunity.


Friday, September 6, 2024

evenBeyond Checklists: Elevating Accreditation Standards for Exceptional Patient and Staff Experiences; Elizabeth Evan, Sr. Associate Director, The Joint Commission

Meeting accreditation standards is necessary but how do you evolve them from a checklist to improving the patient and staff experience? This session will unravel the origins of accreditation standards and their pivotal role in the success of the ASC industry. We will explore opportunities to engage your ASC team, empowering them to champion excellence. Buckle up as we navigate the path from compliance to transformational impact—where standards become catalysts for stellar outcomes!

shapiroNavigating the Storm: ASCs and Emergency Preparedness in an Era of Heightened Risks; Dr. David Shapiro, AAAHC

Natural disasters seem to be occurring more frequently. California has faced fires, flooding, earthquakes and recently, even hurricanes. Tensions and workplace violence incidents are on the rise. CMS and accreditation organizations expect ASCs to be prepared for emergencies and include an emergency preparedness plan that utilizes risk assessment, policies and procedures, communication and training. Learn what is required of ASCs and how we can successfully implement a program to prepare and respond to these situations.