Caitlin Zulla - September 7th at 3:00 PM
How to Succeed in 2023 as an ASC Administrator

Leading as a successful ASC administrator takes vision and the ability to pivot your strategy.  ASCs will need to align with their physicians, developing deep relationships, while always driving the needs for the patient first. They will need to incorporate innovative payment models, driving optimum patient outcomes.  As the Chief Executive Officer of Surgical Care Affiliates, Caitlin Zulla is leading this successful vision throughout the industry across the nation.  She will share the critical components that ASC leaders will need to incorporate into their strategic plans and daily practices for success and thriving in the coming years.

Dave Dravecky - September 7th at 4:00 PM
Pitch Perfect – Giant Courage

The cancer battle that ended Dravecky’s career on the mound in a dramatic fashion, set the stage for his new life calling. In his address, Pitch Perfect – Giant Courage, he will share the very personal challenges of his battle with cancer. He will inspire as he reveals how he has overcome adversity, depression, physical and mental challenges to live his best life as an encourager to others. He will impart how to handle obstacles to success and burnout in this ever-changing and challenging healthcare environment.

Colette Carlson, CSP, CPAE - September 8th at 9:45 AM
The Connected Leader

Successful, effective leaders recognize the need to authentically connect on a human level, whether virtually or in-person, to create influence and impact. Connected leaders model courageous behaviors that create a culture of clarity, transparency, inclusion, and accountability, even in the most challenging times. In this engaging, uplifting, and research-based program, attendees will master their ability to communicate and
connect on deeper levels, creating an environment where people thrive.

Commander Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CPAE
Why Leaders Fail: 7 Prescriptions for Executive Leadership Success

Can great leaders become even better? Do you know the 7 critical mistakes leaders often make that cause them to falter? Why do good people so often struggle in leadership roles? Through analysis of over 100,000 employee surveys, Mary uncovers the 7 reasons many professionals are not as effective as they could be in leadership positions. Based on the book, “Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success”, Mary shares principles of executive leadership success. Mary provides attendees with actionable insights they can apply immediately to be more successful in their leadership roles.