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CASA Award for ASC Excellence - Begin working on your Application

Folsom Sierra Endoscopy 1

Lilibeth Golbinec, RN, BSN-FSEC Charge Nurse, Chris Taylor- AMSURG Director of Operations, Assemblymember Joshua Hoover, Katie Becze, RN BSN-FSEC Director, Nazir Rahim, MD- FSEC Medical Director, R. Erick Pecha, MD- GMC President, Danielle DuVall, CST-FSEC Lead Endoscopy Technician

On February 16, 2024, Assemblymember Josh Hoover (R-Folsom) toured the Folsom Sierra Endoscopy Center.  Assemblymember Hoover reached out to tour the center after hearing Folsom Sierra Endoscopy Center received the CASA Award for ASC Excellence in September 2023.

It was a great opportunity for the ASC to demonstrate how they are serving the community with access to care, particularly in the area of colon cancer prevention.  They were also able to demonstrate their commitment to quality and patient outcomes through their ESET program (Every Scope Every Time), which guarantees that every endoscope passes an extremely rigid test for microbial contamination before use.  Chris Taylor, Director of Operations, AMSURG states, “It was a pleasure touring Assemblymember Hoover, and explaining to him about the high quality and efficiencies of our Folsom Sierra endoscopy center.”   Katie Becze RN, Center Director, adds, "We enjoyed engaging in discussion with Assemblyman Hoover about gold standards of care in the ASC setting, patient satisfaction, and upholding the highest standards for infection prevention with the ESET program for scope reprocessing. This was a mutually enriching experience to welcome Assemblymember Hoover to our endoscopy center. We extend our gratitude to Assemblymember Hoover and staff for the time spent engaging in great discussions for the excellence of care for all patients in the ASC setting."

Sequoia 2.22.24

Marie Yarborough, Administrator, Dr. Joe Kou, Chairman of the Board/Owner, Mark DeSaulnier, Congressman (California), Elizabeth Elsberry, PACU Manager, Amanda Morales, Director of Nursing

Sequoia Surgical Pavilion in Walnut Creek, CA, had the honor of hosting Congressman Mark DeSaulnier on Wednesday, 2/21, for a facility tour and to discuss policy change.  Congressman DeSaulnier, who works on the Committee on Education and the Workforce, and the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions along with the Ethics Committee and Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, sat down with the facilities Administrator, Marie Yarborough, and Director of Nursing, Amanda Morales, to talk about issues related to ASCs.  “This was an excellent time to show our Representative what ASCs are about and what we do every day,” stated Marie Yarborough, Admin.   “I loved having that one-on-one time to discuss what affects us and how he can help.”  During the tour, the ASC was able to show simple implantable hardware and discuss pricing along with reimbursement and site-neutral issues.  Representative DeSaulnier spent 1 hour talking to the staff, physicians, and others.  “He was engaging and listened,” says Amanda Morales, Clinical Director.  “I’ll welcome him back anytime.”

CASA Award for ASC Excellence

Application Deadline is June 30, 2024

CASA is encouraging all of our members to consider and begin gathering information to apply for the CASA Award for ASC Excellence. This is a great opportunity to have your ASC acknowledged by your peers and further let the public know about the service you provide. 

So many of our CASA centers are providing outstanding services to their community, and we want to see you recognized.  The application may seem daunting at first, but with a little preparation and organization, you will find it manageable. CASA has created a short video to help walk you through the process, and if you have questions regarding the criteria and necessary components, you can always reach out to CASA Executive Director, Beth LaBouyer.  

All applications including supporting documentation must be received or postmarked no later than June 30, 2024. 

The CASA Award for ASC Excellence acknowledges a CASA member facility who exemplifies best practices in the surgery center industry, plus actively promotes and advocates for ASC excellence and inclusion in the healthcare delivery system.

The criteria for the CASA Award for ASC Excellence is built around 5 pillar categories.

  • Membership – Facility supports the ASC industry through active engagement in professional organizations.
  • Advocacy – Facility drives ASC related legislation at both the Federal and State level through education, action and financial contributions.
  • Quality Metrics – Facility drives transparency and clinical quality in the ASC through facility benchmarking and public reporting and superior performance of important metrics including outcomes, pricing, and patient satisfaction.
  • Education – Facility ensures clinical best practices, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance through ongoing patient, staff and physician education.
  • Community Involvement – Facility is actively engaged in educating the public regarding the benefits of ASCs and demonstrating leadership in improving the general health of their community.

In addition to the CASA Award for ASC Excellence, the most outstanding center will be awarded the CASA ASC of the Year award.

The announcement of the awards will take place at the CASA Annual Conference, September 4-6, 2024.  The conference will be located in Anaheim at the Anaheim Marriott.

How-to video on completing the Award for ASC Excellence application

ASC Excellence Award Criteria/Guidelines

ASC Excellence Award Application

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