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Workers' Compensation Reform To Be Introduced

ASCs Severely Impacted



The secret Workers’ Compensation Reform Proposal that was leaked a couple of weeks ago is continuing to be discussed in the Legislature and will likely be introduced in bill form by the end of the week or early next. Regardless, any work comp reform legislation must be passed by the current session deadline of next Friday, August 31st, so we ONLY have one week left to derail the current draft proposal and potential bill. After many discussions with key stakeholders who were involved in crafting the proposal, it is clear that the parties behind the proposal are unwilling to negotiate on any of the factors effecting ASC reimbursement.

The following are the key components that will affect ASCs and their physicians.

  • ASC Fee Schedule Reduced to 80% of Medicare HOPD
  • Technical Amendment Needed to Ensure Ongoing Physician Self-Referral
  • Converts Physician Fee Schedule to Medicare RBRVS
  • Eliminates Inpatient Spine Pass-Through for Implants/Hardware


This is very disappointing for the industry and will have a profound effect on the injured workers’ access to prompt medical care. Our research indicates that most ASCs will have difficulty covering their costs at these cuts and will likely cease or severely limit the amount of workers’ compensation patients they see. This outcome completely contradicts any of the savings the reform proposes which are already grossly overstated.

We are calling on all CASA members to let their Legislators know how this will impact their center, patients, jobs and local businesses in their community.

We have outlined a strategy for each center to follow:

  • Get all your physicians and staff involved in all areas below.
  • Use the CASA WC Calculatorto determine the fiscal impact to your center including any staffing fallout.
  • Look up your Senate and Assembly contact information at the following link: Find My Legislature
  • Use this grassroots sample letter as a guide in your personal response. You should email and fax a copy to both your Assemblymember and Senator and those key legislators identified by CASA here key legislators
  • Call your Assemblyperson and Senator and those key legislators identified by CASA here key legislators at their district office and their capitol office using these talking points.
  • Contact your local chamber of commerce and relay your concerns on how this will affect you and other businesses in your community.


Our unified response and the above strategy should be implemented immediately but NO LATER THAN THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 24th at 5:00 PM. Remember to get all of your physicians and staff involved. For further information and questions contact CASA Executive Director Beth LaBouyer at 530-790-7990.

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